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To my fellow District 23 and Texas Patriots:

I’m a man of God, Family and Country.  I believe Texas is a way of life and America is the greatest place on Earth to live.  In my travels, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful countries but none can compare or beat the sweetness of coming home to the freedom that is America.  The Texas border region is my home, I live here as your neighbor.  Currently, our borders are in a chaotic state.  With your support, I vow to defend them and our family’s way of life.  In March 2020 vote for Raul Reyes Jr. and select a representative you can trust who will get the job done!

Thank you & God Bless, –  Raul Reyes 

"If we are truly going to secure and defend Texas, we are going to need new leadership…trusted leadership that will do what they say, and be trusted to do it."


Meet And Greet at El Sendero Church

Meet Raul for a discussion. Together, we will fight for Texas and our values! Sunday, November 10, 2019 at 8:30am
El Sendero Church: Senior pastors Roger & Sandy Sanchez. 5408 Daughtry Dr, San Antonio, TX 78238
Nov. 10th

Meet And Greet in China Grove

Meet Raul for a discussion. Together, we will fight for Texas and our values! Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 6 PM – 8 PM
pin Taqueria Casa Jalisco 6846 US Highway 87E, San Antonio, Texas 78263
Nov. 12th



ALERT: CLICK ON VIDEO- Congressional District 23- I got into this race to secure the border, bring jobs back to our district and to help our President fight the Establishment. For far too long, deep state operatives in our own backyard have paraded out their candidates for District 23 Representative.

As is always the case, the D.C. swamp wants to continue with business as usual while our communities deal with cartels operating in the border region. These criminal organizations have contributed to the opioid crisis and have fueled the sex trade with the trafficking of women and children.

Meanwhile, the District languishes with minimal job growth as the rest of Texas prospers. Friends and neighbors, I am here to fight for you!

To that end, CLICK ON THE VIDEO for my thoughts on Hurd’s endorsement of my opponent. It’s a first in a series which will expose the plan already set in motion. Please, be informed, know the facts and help me secure this border and bring back jobs to our district!

Interview on KWMC AM1490 with Raul Reyes.

October 21, Del Rio: Please Like and Share my interview on KWMC AM1490. I had the opportunity to share my vision.The video is a mixture of English and Spanish. Thank you for taking the time to watch & listen.

Doc Greene "Right Side of the Mic" Interview: Candidate Comparison- Tony Gonzales and Raul Reyes.

Recently, Doc Greene, host of Right Side of the Mic Radio Show, interviewed me and one of my opponents, Tony Gonzales. In this video Doc evaluates my opponent as a weak candidate.

At the (17:40) mark, Doc, a renowned Constitutional champion, considers shutting down the interview because he does not provide direct answers to 2nd amendment questions. At the (30:20) mark, Doc says, “My greatest fear is you (Tony Gonzales) don’t understand the Constitution.” At the (44:40) mark, Doc assess my opponent as “weak” on the U.S. Constitution for calling it a living document. Folks, timeless principles do NOT change according to societal whims and judicial activism!

Doc Greene also interviewed me in the second half of the show. He asks direct, no-fluff, questions about critical issues confronting our Nation and especially the current attacks on our 2nd Amendment right to own firearms.

This interview presents an unfiltered, in depth assessment of my opponent as well as myself. I encourage you to view it in its entirety and to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE the video. The 23rd District, Texas and America deserve to send President Trump a strong, principled Congressman!

930am The Answer interview with Raul Reyes.

Election Day is Coming. Make a difference.


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