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To my fellow District 23 and Texas Patriots:

I’m a man of God, Family and Country.  I believe Texas is a way of life and America is the greatest place on Earth to live.  In my travels, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful countries but none can compare or beat the sweetness of coming home to the freedom that is America.  The Texas border region is my home, I live here as your neighbor.  Currently, our borders are in a chaotic state.  With your support, I vow to defend them and our family’s way of life.  In March 2020 vote for Raul Reyes Jr. and select a representative you can trust who will get the job done!

Thank you & God Bless, –  Raul Reyes 

"If we are truly going to secure and defend Texas, we are going to need new leadership…trusted leadership that will do what they say, and be trusted to do it."


Uvalde Texas Event

Come Meet Raul in Uvalde TX. Your True Conservative Candidate will be challenging Will Hurd.  Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 6:30 – 7:30 Oasis Outback 2900

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Meet and Greet in Castroville, Tx

Meet your candidate for CD23. Raul is the best qualified, most experienced person to represent us in the US Congress. Castroville, TX, Monday, September 9th @ 6:00 PM Sammy's Restaurant, 202 US Highway 90 East
Come join us

Meet And Greet in San Antonio TX.

Meet your candidate in CD23. Raul will fight for Texas! Come meet him and ask your questions! San Antonio Tuesday, September 10th @ 6:00 PM Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant 1526 SW Military Dr San Antonio, Texas 78221
Aug 15th

Meet And Greet in Rocksprings TX.

Meet Raul for a discussion. Together, we will fight for Texas and our values! Rocksprings, TX , Monday, September 16th @ 5:30 PM Jail House Bar & Grill 108 W Austin St Rocksprings, Texas 78880
Aug 16th

Election Day is Coming. Make a difference.


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