More about Raul

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Raul Reyes is a candidate for the 23rd Texas Congressional District. Like most Republican voters in the district, Raul is unhappy with the lack of representation and is campaigning to replace the current RINO Republican Will Hurd incumbent in the July 14th, 2020 Primary Runoff Election. Of the original 9 candidates, only the top 2 are left, Very Conservative Raul ReYES, and RINO Will Hurd endorsed RINO Tony Gonzales.

Raul was born and raised in the beautiful border city of Del Rio, Texas.  His father, who legally immigrated to the US in his teenage years, had a lifelong career in construction.  As such, Raul is intimately familiar with the 23rd district because his father worked in towns throughout the district and Texas to support the family.

Raul grew up in the barrio of San Felipe, in a home his parents bought near Hwy 90.  The house was under the flight path used by Laughlin AFB T-37 jets to train its future pilots.  Often, Raul would lay on the hood of his mother’s car and watch as the T-37s gracefully made their right turn back toward the base.  That’s when Raul knew he wanted to serve his county in the USAF.  At 14, anxious to get started, he joined the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Program at Del Rio High School, where he donned his first uniform.  After graduation, he joined Angelo State University’s AFROTC program where he eventually earned a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant.  Raul has a Bachelor of Science in Math and later earned a Master of Arts in Computer Resource and Information Management.

Raul was highly decorated during his tenure as an active duty Air Force Officer.  As a Cyber Space Officer, and at an early stage in his career, he led the building and management of large network infrastructures needed to support the world-wide Air Force operations, which safeguard the nation.  In his senior officer years, Raul was ultimately responsible for the entire Command and Control of all Cyber Defense operations for the Air Force.  He was directly responsible for safeguarding satellite communications links critical to Predator (MQ-9) integration and operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East.  Multiple annual performance reports attest to Raul’s expertise as he was designated #1 and within the top10% of all Air Force Officers in his ranks. 

Raul Reyes for congress district 23

As a fluent Spanish speaker, Raul also had a second parallel career track as an Operations Support officer.  Due to his language, cultural and regional skill sets, he was designated as a Foreign Area Officer in his career.  As such, Raul has an extensive background and real operational experience in Central and South America.  He has numerous deployments and assignments in support of the United States Southern Command headquartered in Miami, Florida. 

During his assignment at Air Forces Southern in Tucson, Arizona, Raul orchestrated every Air Force mission and training engagement for both General and Special Operations forces operations into the Latin-America area of responsibility.  Specifically, Raul was often deployed to develop and implement strategies with Colombian military and civilian dignitaries as well as heads of state partners in support of Plan Colombia; a counter-drug effort.  He coordinated and led numerous missions into the Northern Triangle:  Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Post retirement, Raul became the Chief Information Officer and eventually Vice President of Administrative Affairs at Southwest Texas Junior College.  He identified areas of need and integrated efficiencies to save SWTJC over a quarter of a million dollars in his first year.  During his tenure, Raul incorporated technological education infrastructures required in strategic plans. His leadership ensured the right educational balance to meet future workforce demands.

Raul returned to his Air Force roots as a Program Manager, certified in International Affairs.  Raul led numerous teams which continuously assessed the needs of our global partners in combatting terrorists and other threats to our Nation. He formulated high level training solutions to strengthen our strategic allies in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Raul is also businessman.  Based on the construction skills he practiced with his father while growing up, Raul has built a home construction business from the ground up.  Though he does build large homes, his company focus has been on smaller, affordable homes. He has helped numerous young couples and elderly, retired persons who want or need new, smaller, quality homes at a reasonable price.  Raul fully understands the art of dealing with business partners at every level.  He has seen firsthand the realities of economic growth, and the lack of it. He knows how this vitally impacts the day to day electrician, plumber, framers and other members on his team. Most importantly, Raul knows how to create and grow jobs. 

Raul sees there is a huge void and lack of leadership focus in our district.  He will do more than fill that void.  He will lead.  Raul will work with local, state and federal partners to defend the district from the illegal mass migration currently taking place on our borders.  He knows how to bring jobs back to this district and ensure families have stable, growing and lasting incomes.  With Raul’s extensive executive military background in Latin America coupled with his local and executive business leadership in creating jobs, Raul will fight to make Congressional District 23 Great Again!