Grassroots vs Establishment

Grassroots vs Establishment

I find it necessary to address the George P. Bush endorsement of one of my opponents.
It is evident, now more than ever, the establishment is trying to shove their choice of representative for CD 23 down our throats.
We will not let that happen! Watch and Listen to Raul below.

( Transcription)

Hello, I’m Raul Reyes, retired Lt Colonel and candidate for Congressional District 23 in the Great State of Texas.

I want to address the George P. Bush endorsement of one of my opponents, candidate and also Will Hurd endorsed Tony Gonzales.

It is evident now more than ever the establishment is trying to shove their choice representative for CD 23 down our throats.  You see, George P Bush is an elitist establishment type who thinks he knows better than you who’s best to represent our district.  He insults and completely disrespects the entirety of South Texas constituents by endorsing an outsider candidate who abandoned his home District 35 to run in our District 23.  Further, Mr Gonzales is under investigation for a potential violation of the Hatch Act.  He filed for congress while still on active duty!  Really?  How can George P Bush possibly think that’s best for us here in District 23??Folks, this endorsement clearly shows a pattern.  It says you the grassroots voter don’t matter.  It says Austin and or DC elitist think they know best and will select your next representative.

Much like his stance on the Cenotaph, this endorsement of my opponent shows George P Bush is out of touch with Texans.  He not only wants to re-write Texas history by removing the Cenotaph but also wants to dictate the future by telling you who’s best to represent us.

But why endorse my opponent? Because this is an open borders crowd.  You see, Tony Gonzales is part of a plan to put in place weak willed politicians who will not stand for freedom.  They will not defend our history, our borders nor you and your family.

We can’t afford a politician who can abandon his friends, family and neighbors in his home District 35, at the slightest opportunity.

CD23 and Texas need fighters who will not be tossed around by political winds. You see this is more than just a political contest.  We are in a fight for our very survival as a truly conservative state. 

The far-left liberals and Nancy Pelosi’s democrats will stop at nothing to turn Texas blue in November. Let’s not let the Austin establishment elitists like George P Bush do the same by meddling in our race.  

I’m Raul Reyes, and unlike Will Hurd or Tony Gonzales, I am a proud supporter of this great President!  You will have a clear choice, you either want an elitist who’s already up to his neck in the establishment swamp and or a true constitutional conservative Trump Republican.  Grassroots folks, that’s who we are.  We were betrayed once before, I won’t let that happen again!

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