Holding our elected officials and public servants accountable.

Holding our elected officials and public servants accountable.

The People of this Nation must hold their elected officials and public servants accountable. I am mindful of this cherished American principle and totally agree. Last week, the incumbent for CD23 submitted a letter to the Del Rio News Herald. After reading it, I knew I had to provide a response. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Mr. Hurd’s recent article ”Addressing the border crisis” is a case of trying to cover his tracks.

Through 2018, The number of units coming to the United States seek­ing asylum grew. As of April 2019, CBP had stated it was on track to surpass last year’s totals by May or June 2019. While everyone could see and knew there was a crisis, Mr. Hurd claimed there wasn’t one.

Facts are, as recently as January 18th, 2019, Mr. Hurd claimed, in a Rolling Stone article, the Border crisis is a “Myth.” In February 2019, while on The View, when asked by, Joy Behar “is this a national emergency” as declared by President Trump, Mr. Hurd answered “No.” He has voted numerous times against not only President Trump’s efforts to secure the border, but also against the best ideas presented by Customs and Border Patrol (CHP), the experts on securing the border.

But why does he write this article now? Why now all the platitudes from Washington when the horse left the barn long ago.

Is it because on June 7, 2019, two more dead bodies were found in the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, bringing the total to 17 deaths reported this fiscal year? Or is it the Boarder Patrol’s Del Rio Sector report that 11,840 family unit apprehensions have occurred this current fiscal year, a 754% increase from 2018. Or the esti­mated 6,000 more which avoided appre­hension according to CBP. Perhaps it was the feedback received from a community meeting held at the Civic Center this past week, Comprised of Local elected officials with harsh criticism that finally brought it to Washington’s attention.

Mr. Hurds solutions render NO IMMEDIATE relief to Del Rio and other border communities who are shouldering the cost of this crisis. In fact, Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Chief Agent, Raul Ortiz, says the influx of asylum seeking immigrants is likely to continue for at least another 18 months.

Additionally. President Trmnp is going at it alone, using tariffs as a leverage against Mexico to ensure they control their Southern border. President Trump’s relentless pursuit to secure our borders is making progress, as just last week Mexico arrested 2 key caravan coordinators and moved to seal off their southern border. Final outcome is yet to be determined, but it could be a very good thing, neighbor to neighbor.

Mr. Hurd, and his never Trump stance, is hurting the district. Furthermore, he has completely miscalculated the crisis on the border. None of the solutions he presented are immediate.

Had he engaged earlier on, we might have had a better outcome today. We must not let him cover his tracks with his recent article the Del Rio News Herald and we must hold him accountable in the March 2020 primary.


Raul Reyes

Del Rio Tx

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