ALERT: CLICK ON VIDEO- Congressional District 23- I got into this race to secure the border, bring jobs back to our district and to help our President fight the Establishment. For far too long, deep state operatives in our own backyard have paraded out their candidates for District 23 Representative.

As is always the case, the D.C. swamp wants to continue with business as usual while our communities deal with cartels operating in the border region. These criminal organizations have contributed to the opioid crisis and have fueled the sex trade with the trafficking of women and children.

Meanwhile, the District languishes with minimal job growth as the rest of Texas prospers. Friends and neighbors, I am here to fight for you!

To that end, CLICK ON THE VIDEO for my thoughts on Hurd’s endorsement of my opponent. It’s a first in a series which will expose the plan already set in motion. Please, be informed, know the facts and help me secure this border and bring back jobs to our district!
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TRANSCRIPT Greetings everybody, I’m retired Lt. Colonel Raul Reyes running in Congressional District 23. The trampling of the Constitution by far left socialist Democrats in Congress continues as they push their false narrative to impeach Donald J. Trump. They have sought from day one to override the will of the American people and are seeking to overthrow a duly elected President. Sadly, there exists within the GOP, R.I.N.O.s Republicans In name Only, who have encouraged this. Our very own never-Trumper, Will Hurd, has continuously sided and voted with Democrats in their plan to derail the President’s America First agenda. Recently, Mr. Hurd endorsed his successor, Mr. Tony Gonzales. We have been suspicious of Mr. Gonzales since he switched from running in the 35th district to our home district, here in the 23rd. In fact, that happened shortly after Mr. Hurd retired. How convenient! Mr. Gonzales is being propped up by former Congressmen and D.C. lobbyists. You see there is an old establishment guard, deep state, if you will, set on keeping our borders open and doing the business of the DC swamp and not you, the People. Worse, they hate Donald J. Trump. For the record, I would have never accepted this endorsement. In fact, I was here long before Mr. Hurd retired, hoping that he would get out of this race. And he has.

This endorsement clearly shows the disconnect that exists between Will Hurd and Tony Gonzalez with you, the good people of District 23. But the lines are clear now, you have a choice: You either want more of Will Hurd 2.0 or a true Trump Republican. It’s plain to see that the powers-that-be are colluding to impeach our President. Remember, Mr. Gonzales is on record as being “uncertain if he would impeach” President Trump. As we move forward, we are going to expose the Establishment and the Will Hurd crowd. These are the same people who keep the district trading back and forth, from political party to political party.

And it’s you, the good people of District 23, who are caught in the middle and keep suffering for it. Hang on folks, things are going to get very interesting. I am presenting the facts so you can decide who you want to be your voice in Congress. I’m a Constitutional Conservative. I will fight for you and I will work hard for you! I’m Raul Reyes, a proud Trump Republican. God Bless you, God Bless Texas and God Bless America!

BIOGRAPHY I am Raul Reyes, the proud son of an immigrant who became a United States Citizen. I was born and raised in the border town of Del Rio, Texas, and I live in the 23rd Congressional District to this day. I humbly ask for your support and your vote. I am a proud Constitutional conservative and Trump Republican. I will help President Donald J. Trump fight for American values in Congress. I will support his efforts to secure the border, build the wall and provide the needed resources to the U.S. Border Patrol. I will fight for Texas families to defend them from socialists and weak-willed politicians.

I am a retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel with 22 years of executive experience and comprehensive strategic military insight. As a high ranking officer fluent in Spanish, with an extensive foreign affairs skills set, I was deployed multiple times to Central and South America to fight drug and human trafficking organizations. I coordinated and was ultimately responsible for the command and control of all Cyber Defense operations for the Air Force. I own a construction company which builds smaller, affordable homes for newlyweds, veterans and the elderly. I know how to create jobs, handle multiple projects and balance complex budgets. I employ electricians, plumbers and other small business owners who provide jobs in their communities.

I possess a Bachelor’s of Science in Math and a Master of Arts in Computer Resources and Information Management. I was the Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Administrative Affairs at Southwest Texas Junior College. I identified areas of need, such as technology, and integrated efficiencies. My leadership ensured the right educational balance would meet future workforce demands.

I am a Christian, a husband and a father. I support a constitutional amendment to protect the sanctity of life. I support our ally, Israel, and their right to be a sovereign nation. As a staunch Second Amendment supporter, I will fight against restrictions to our right to keep and bear arms. I believe we are in a struggle for the future of Texas families and the American way of life. I will never stop fighting for our God given freedoms and our Constitutional liberties.

I am a proud American patriot and a man who lives by his word. I say what I mean and I do what I say. You can TRUST me to represent you with honor and I will always be accountable to you!

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