General Congressional Federal Legislation & Budgets

I pledge to be present for all Federal Legislation Congressional House votes.  I pledge to hold the line by saying no special interest pork provisions, no all corrupt liberal agendas, and no to BIG GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS THAT ALWAYS FAIL!

I will work continuously to Expose Congressional Legislative Corruption!

I will work continuously to Restore Common-Sense Conservative Values Legislation!

I will work continuously for a Strong U.S. Military but with a CRACKDOWN on Pentagon inefficiencies!

Like republican Abraham Lincoln, I am for SMALL GOVERNMENT & MUCH LOWER TAXES!

Secure Texas: Immigration and the Crisis at the Border 

The border crisis is not a “myth”, it is a REAL THREAT which calls for action now.  American families along the border live in constant duress from illegal aliens traversing their land.  Migrating families and children face extreme danger, such as rape, extortion, sickness, sex-trafficking, and death.  Our border ports of entry are being adversely affected by the rerouting of U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers to assist Border Patrol Agents with processing duties. Interior checkpoints have been shut down to send agents to processing duties leaving our roadways open to terrorists, including drug and human smugglers. Detention facilities have been saturated and non-government organizations are being overwhelmed by these caravans. Over 400,000 ILLEGAL men, women and children have been released into our cities due to the inability to detain them. Most will not show up to asylum hearings.  It’s time to STOP this egregious violation of our NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY.

I will LEAD in reforming immigration laws and work on passing legislation in Congress to remove loopholes and to secure funds needed to “Build and Finish the Wall,” and BETTER EQUIP the Federal Border Patrol.  I’ll stop the flow of caravans by asking for measures that restrict “asylum seekers” to present their claims at US embassies in their country of origin.

I will PROTECT labor and wages here in District 23 by ensuring safe, legal immigration into this country.  

I will WORK to ensure our Federal Border Patrol Agents have BETTER training, equipment, and compensation (overtime pay reform) for the heroic patrols they do in defense of our U.S. borders. THEY ROUTINELY REQUEST THESE CRITICAL IMPROVEMENTS!  We must address the abuse of our system of benefits which was intended for law-abiding citizens.  We will demagnetize the border and make coming to this country illegally an unappealing prospect.  We are a nation of laws that must be followed and enforced!

WE LOVE IMMIGRANTS!  LEGAL IMMIGRANTS! I will push hard to STREAMLINE our LEGAL IMMIGRATION system to HELP FREEDOM LOVING foreigners from all around the world to come to our nation with a vigorous work ethic and join our great nation with a vigorous defense of freedom!!!

We need leadership CHANGE in District 23!  The past democrat and current RINO incumbent have ignored this issue during their tenures and have repeatedly opposed President Trump’s administration by voting against measures to secure the border.  I will be a champion for our district, state and country focusing on securing our Nation’s borders from DAY ONE.

Building Prosperity in District 23: JOBs, JOBS, and MORE JOBS!

Texas District 23 is the largest Mexico border district in the United States.  Its vastness has led to neglect of numerous parts of our district, left out of federal and state job creation plans.  Because of this, District 23 has some of the steepest impoverished areas in the nation. We need to capitalize on the opportunities and direct our efforts to get the Trump administration and Texas leaders to focus on our rich resources including our people. 

I will BRING jobs and job creating energy to District 23 that benefits all of us.  As a business owner, I know how to do what it takes to build and bring jobs with DIGNITY to our communities.  I bring a fresh perspective to building a BUSINESS-FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT whereby we can attract industry and manufacturing jobs back to the border region that is our district.  We will diversify the “economic engines” to help develop, coordinate, and sustain jobs growth. 

We will BUILD the infrastructure needed for future jobs.  I will coordinate congressional (local, state, and federal) efforts to develop the people needed to provide a work force ready to tackle jobs at ALL LEVELS including apprentice through senior executive!

I will LEAD an aggressive “sales” effort to display the attractiveness that is District 23 and ensure we bring better jobs back!   Our children do not have to grow up and go away to bigger cities to find jobs; we can create jobs right here in District 23!

GUN RIGHTS: Protect our Constitutional 2nd Amendment Rights

Our 2nd Amendment rights are constantly being attacked by those who want to infringe on our liberty and right to legally protect & defend ourselves.  Everyday there are corrupt organizations, legislators and media creating false narratives about gun-control.  We cannot stand idly by and let this continue. I have sworn the oath, many times, to protect and defend our beloved U.S. Constitution with my very life, so HELP ME GOD!

I will DEFEND the 2nd Amendment against any bill or law that would infringe on our rights to keep our guns.  An informed and armed citizenry is the last great defender of freedom and the most dreaded enemy of tyranny. Unfortunately, the history of the world is filled with Tyranny as the rule of governments and not the exception.  Samuel Adams stated, “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” As the U.S. representative for District 23, I will work continuously to prevent any legislation or attempt that goes against our 2nd Amendment rights!

Pro-Life, Women’s Health, and Biblical Family Values

I am PRO-LIFE.  I believe life begins at conception.  We know abortion has terrible consequences for both woman and child. I am a leader that offers and seeks alternatives to abortion.  

I will WORK continuously to OVERTURN ROE VS WADE and give the people at the state level the right to decide on these state governed laws. We will work with our adoption and crisis pregnancy centers to give families the support and resources they need. We must prevent the traumatic emotional, mental, physical and spiritual effects of abortion.  We will work with congress to pass legislation that protects the unborn child and gives women the appropriate medical care they need.

I am PRO-FAMILY to build a strong life-giving culture as BIBLICALLY DEFINED. There should be no special rights for sexual nor gender preferences.  Sexual relations were designed for marriage of ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN, NOT fornication, NOR adultery, NOR homosexuality. (This is NOT a civil rights issue.) Biblically, we are commanded to LOVE all people, and part of this love is to NOT condone behaviors that bring damage into their lives. ALL people of ANY sexual preferences should be rewarded in the work and business places based on their work performance and nothing else. 


As a retired Air Force Veteran, I fully understand the need to provide the heroes that served our nation with the best care.  Suicide, depression and PTSD rates among veterans have spiked in the last 15 years.   Our VA System has been bogged down by inefficiencies, bureaucratic red tape and subpar services to our Veterans.   Many of them have lost dear loved ones in warfare and have been injured themselves. Most have sacrificed and suffered LONG DEPLOYMENTS separated from loving family and friends. We cannot continue ignoring the needs of our military Veterans. 

I will KEEP our Nation’s promise to provide expert, timely care for our Veterans during and after their service to our nation. We will continue reforming the VA system to ensure it provides the reliable service and care options our heroes deserve.  I will work with Congress to eliminate bureaucratic red tape, inefficiencies and long wait times to get the healthcare our heroes need!

General Healthcare 

Obamacare has been a disaster for individuals and families.  Premiums have skyrocketed, leaving you less options for providers and making healthcare unaffordable for some.  

I will SEEK to repeal Obamacare.  We will work to pass legislation that gives you the freedom to buy the best healthcare insurance to meet your needs.  A free market healthcare system with competition is key to driving cost down. BIG GOVERNMENT WITH LITTLE ACCOUNTABILITY IS NEVER THE BEST SOLUTION! 

I will FIGHT to ensure healthcare protects those with preexisting conditions.  Persons with preexisting conditions must not lose their healthcare coverage. BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES WILL NOT TAKE THEIR PREMIUMS AND THEN CUT AND RUN!


Israel is being attacked daily by those bent on destroying them with a barrage of missiles and anti-Semitic rhetoric.  Every nation has a right to be self-governing and able to protect its citizens. All nations on the face of the Earth must maintain control of their borders and fiercely defend their SOVEREIGNTY to provide the best quality of life for their families. 

BELIEVE in the God of the Bible and I believe Israel is a SOVEREIGN NATION.   I will work with Congress to ensure Israel remains our strong ally. SOVEREIGN NATIONS bring our best chances at WORLD PEACE; but globalization brings tyranny!